When you buy a home, you need to be sure the seller is the true owner of the property. You also need to know that there are no outstanding issues that can damage the title transferred to you.

Why? Problems with a property’s title can result in claims by others to land, lawsuits, unmarketable title and ultimately financial loss. That’s where title insurance comes in and where Valor Title Agency, Inc. can help you.

We conduct a comprehensive title search to make sure your ownership is free and clear of any issues. A title insurance policy will protect your investment and give you peace of mind that your ownership is free and clear of any issues.

The cost is minimal and is only paid once. There are no renewal premiums, and there’s no expiration date on the policy. The protection lasts as long as you – or your heirs – maintain an interest in the property. It’s security that lasts.

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Thinking of refinancing? Did you know…..

  • Purchasing a Lender’s Title Insurance policy is a requirement for refinancing your existing mortgage loan
  • Title Insurance IS a service YOU can shop for!
  • Valor Title Agency, Inc. can provide a Lender’s Title Insurance Policy. We guarantee faster than usual turn around time since we previously insured the property! A simple update is all that’s needed.
  • Tell your mortgage broker, banker or lender that you want to shop for your title insurance services and contact Valor Title Agency, Inc. for a free rate and fee quote.

Our Underwriters

Fidelity National Title Insurance Company
Chicago Title Insurance Company
Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company
AmTrust Title Insurance Company